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Top five free activities to do in Blackpool

They say the best things in life are free. And we can’t disagree with that. Even when you’ve splashed out on a holiday you can’t wait for, sometimes you just want to take in the sights without dropping the cash. Or maybe you’ve accidentally spent more than you said you would and now the kids are bugging you to do something. We’ve all been there!

So to prepare for those moments that are bound to happen on our post-coronavirus holidays, we put together this list of the top five free things to do when you’re on holiday in Blackpool.

The beach

Who doesn’t love the beach? Sinking your toes in the sand with the sun blazing down. Or just going on an evening stroll and watching the sun go down. It’s the simple things in life that are the best.

Blackpool’s seafront is 7 miles end to end, giving you plenty of space to lap up the sun and properly unwind. And if you do have a couple of extra pounds, maybe you can stop off at a stall for a knickerbocker glory to cool off.

Stanley Park

Sticking to the great outdoors, Stanley Park is one of England’s largest green spaces. It’s Blackpool’s main park and is a whopping 390 acres - the perfect place to get lost for a day. The park has pretty much anything you could wish for. It has stunning architectural features like the 85ft tall Cocker Memorial Clock Tower, the cafe, Italian Gardens, Rose Gardens, and Auditorium.

That’s not all! There are also sports and recreation facilities such as a golf course, cricket ground, athletic arena, and a sports centre. There’s also a huge beautiful lake with boats for hire. More than 2 million people visit the park every year - why not see it for yourself?

Grundy Art Gallery

Get your creative juices flowing at this lesser-known Blackpool gem. More than just an art gallery, the Grundy Art Gallery is home to plenty of interesting and awe-inspiring exhibitions, projects, and events.

For example, last year Grundy held free half-term workshops on animation. The variety of events the gallery has is amazing. It’d be a shame not to take advantage of what’s on offer during your stay. This one is currently closed under lockdown restrictions, so check their website to find out what they’re doing.

Marton Mere Local Nature Reserve

For an area that used to be the town’s rubbish tip, this nature reserve is absolutely stunning. It’s now even nationally recognised as a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’. Between beautiful flowers, birds, rabbits, ducks, and scenic views, this local reserve really is the perfect place to take advantage of lovely weather and get some light exercise with the family.

Blackpool Illuminations

We saved the best until last. Blackpool Illuminations is an annual lights festival. The one million-plus lights are switched on every autumn and people come from all over to enjoy them. Most drive through the lights with a cheeky chippy on their laps for the full effect. It’s great fun, and kids and adults alike love it. And it’s completely free!

Holidays don’t always have to break the bank. You can have just as much fun for free. Blackpool has plenty of attractions and events for those on a budget. And if you’re looking for a hotel that doesn’t break the bank too, you’re in the right place…

The Royal Alexandra Hotel is only a short walk from Blackpool’s biggest and best attractions. With amazing cabaret entertainment every night, you can enjoy the best of Blackpool's local talent without breaking the bank. Book your stay with The Royal Alexandra Hotel now on 01253 923 000.

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