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Quirky places to visit in Blackpool

There’s so much going on in Blackpool. The Pleasure Beach, the zoo, Stanley Park, the beach, and all our other favourite attractions. But there’s also a hidden side to Blackpool. Places off the beaten track for those who enjoy the unusual, less familiar and bizarre side of life.

These attractions don’t get as much limelight as, say, the Pleasure Beach and the other big stars of Blackpool, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make a great day out. Here are three quirky places to visit during your next trip to Blackpool.

The Crypt

This is an absolute must for any horror fans. The Crypt is owned by Kurt Walsh, who once owned the Horror Crypt, a staple attraction for over 40 years until it was closed and relocated to become simply ‘The Crypt’.

Speaking about the opening, Kurt said: “I think people kind of miss the weirdness of Blackpool. I think people would just like having some weirdos back on the Promenade.”

The Crypt is a spooky hangout with a horror-themed tea room and a shop to fulfil all your horror needs. The shop features detailed hand-painted posters, lifesize props of iconic characters Jason Voorhees, Freddie Kruger, and more, and genuine horror props and memorabilia. From witch T-shirts to cauldron soup bowls, there’s plenty to buy for those that want to add a creepy touch to their life.

Brooks Collectables and Toy Museum

Step back in time with this family-run collectors shop on South Promenade. Take a trip down memory lane or show your kids what they’ve missed out on with this extensive collection of toys and collectables. The shop features all sorts, including old and new die-cast models, Daleks, rare original Dinky military toys, and so much more.

The shop has been open for a whopping 72 years and is a must for those with a love of vintage toys or those who just want to reminisce. No matter what you're after, there’s something for you in this endearing little museum. Oh, and there’s no entrance fee!

Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

“I have travelled 201 countries and the strangest thing I’ve seen is man,” said Robert Ripley, the founder of Ripley’s. You may have heard of this well-known attraction, and with good reason. Ripley’s is brilliant fun for all age groups. Across two floors, there are eight themed galleries displaying the bizarre and unusual - you just have to see them to believe.

There are hundreds of exhibits, from animals born with two heads to the world’s smallest car. Or maybe you’re curious to see how you measure up against the world’s tallest man? Ripley’s is open every day and children under five get in free, too.

While we all love the big attractions in Blackpool, there are plenty of other places to visit that are just as amazing and allow us to experience something different. Planning your next visit to Blackpool? You’ll need somewhere to stay…

The Royal Alexandra is right in the centre of all the action. And with world-class cabaret acts and a bar, you can have a perfect end to a day packed full of visiting our favourite quirky venues. Book your stay today on 01253 923000.

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