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Discover the secrets of the deep

SeaLife Blackpool draws back a watery curtain and invites you to take a tour under the sea.

Can you spot Willy and Wonka the White Tipped Reef Sharks, or Betty, the Bowmouth Guitar Shark in amongst the other menacing marauders lurking above the clear Perspex tunnel in the oceanic Shark Frenzy tank? Did you know that the predatory Moray Eel is painfully shy? You will have to look really hard to spot Matilda lurking in the nooks and crannies of her tank.

How do crabs grab you? It’s not a joke! Discover the Crusty Creatures of the Deep in the Claws feature before getting hands on in the Interactive Rockpool where you can touch a starfish and hold one of SeaLife’s smaller crabs without getting nipped!

More than 200 creatures of the deep are housed at SeaLife Blackpool and they are displayed in interesting and educational ways which will make children of all ages fascinated to learn more about the fish, crustaceans and animals who make the home in the seas around our coastline.

To really get the most out of this absorbing attraction, check out the list of feeding times and talks and let the team share their knowledge with you.


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