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A day out at Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo is the ultimate experience for families who enjoy discovering nature. Built upon the site of Blackpool’s old Municipal airport, the zoo aims to bring you up close and personal to as many exotic and unusual animals as is safe to do so! From Lemur Wood and Amazonia to the new Wallaby Enclosure, there are many and varied areas in which you can get up close and personal to a variety of unusual and interesting animals.

Active Oceans is a new exhibit featuring Blackpool’s beloved sealions in a new enclosure right next to the fun and frolics of the loveable Magellanic penguins.

Blackpool Zoo is home to the Pride of Blackpool, four adult African lions: the male, Wallace and females, Gillian, Rachel and Jasmine, a stunning grassed enclosure designed to encourage the lions to bask on the heated ‘pride rock’.


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