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Blackpool has three magnificent piers which have stood guard over the Irish Seas for many years and allowed visitors to experience the magnificence of the fresh sea air without even getting their feet wet!

Blackpool’s three piers, although all things of historical beauty and elegance, each have a unique personality and a significantly diverse offer.

We start in the south, with the adrenaline filled South Pier. Fairground rides, loud music and the smell of popcorn and hotdogs abound as you make your way to the big attractions here. Those of a faint disposition may want to stay away as Skyscreamer throws you up into the skies above Blackpool, Skycoaster plummets you freeflying across the Pier and Maxibounce offers you the ultimate trampolining experience.

Central Pier is a location where the fun of the fairground extends over water. The magnificent big wheel now graces the planks alongside family rides and interesting sidestalls. With a family bar over the water and Legends, the best soundalike show you will ever see, Central Pier has something for every member of the family.

Finally we take a sedate stroll along North Pier, whose Victorian elegance has sustained the relentless buffeting of the Irish Sea. Almost a quarter of a mile long, Blackpool’s North Pier is an ideal place for taking pictures of the town and the tower, and the Victorian Sun Lounge is a beautiful place to relax and watch the world go by. North Pier is also the firing site for Blackpool’s annual World Fireworks Championships, usually held Fridays in September.


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